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The traditional wooden bathhouse

The bath with a wood-burning stove has been honored since the times of ancient Rus. The magical effect of steam purifies the body, strengthens the spirit, mitigates fatigue, and treats a variety of ailments.

If all the rules and recommendations are followed, the bath brings invaluable healthiness.
Nowadays, in conditions of not always enough physical activities, personal time, and meeting with soulmates, the bathhouse becomes a place of pleasant communication, relieving fatigue, getting healthiness for the body, and just a pleasant memory that creates an unforgettable aftertaste for the mind and body.

The traditional wooden bathhouse 'MAYAKOVSKY' is equipped for a comfortable stay both for one person and for a large company.

The bathouse rate for 1 hour – 3,300 Rub. Booking at least for two hours, the following hours are also 3,300 Rub.

Банные принадлежности - дополнительно:

Тапочки одноразовые 100 руб. (за 1 пару)
Фетровая шапка 50 руб. (прокат)
Халат 250 руб. (прокат)
Веник береза/дуб 400 руб.

The Lounge room
You can order and enjoy any dishes and drinks from the “MAYAKOVSKY” restaurant, watch TV or enjoy a friendly conversation.
Indoor swimming pool
Раздевалка, душевые и санитарные комнаты «МАЯКОVSКИЙ»
Changing room, shower units
and sanitary rooms

​People enter the bathhouse in a different mood, but they come out happy.

Vladimir Borisov
Уютная парилка «МАЯКОVSКИЙ»
Cozy steam room
  • strengthens the immune system
  • has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system
  • improves metabolic processes
  • cleans the body from toxins, radionuclides, and other harmful substances
  • good steaming promotes weight loss, and reduces cellulite, which helps people with overweight to keep fit
  • improves the look of a person, since the skin is purified from bacteria and it helps the epidermis to regenerate
  • medicinal substances vaporizing from wood brooms have a healing effect (for example, a birch broom helps to eliminate pain in the joints and muscles after physical activities, and in contact with the skin helps to cleanse it from existing inflammation foci, since this tree has soothing and wound-healing properties).

При парении усиливается кровообращение, поры кожи расскрываются, организм выводит все вредные вещества. Распаренный веник выделяет фитонциды — природные антибактериальные вещества и эфирные масла, которые смягчают и увлажняют кожу. Парение веником может выполняться как отдельная процедура, так и в комплексе, дополняясь скрабированием, маской для тела или банным массажем.

*Процедура парения производится дубовым веником и заключается в нескольких заходах в парную с целью постепенного воздействия тепла и контраста на организм с целью его оздоровления.

1 500 РУБ - 30-45 МИНУТ
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